Workshops 2018

Workshop 1 : Fiona K. O’Neill (Saturday Morning)

Title: Passing Intention – Within, Between and Beyond Ourselves

Description: In transitioning we are passing intention – “going across” in space, time, mood and matter. We’ll explore some elements of transitioning through: pause, curiosity, focus and choice – within movement meditations and minimal expressive arts. Thus, noticing moments, placings, boundaries and possibilities; and our responses to various somatic invitations, more or less. Recognising what might be enough in variously passing intention.

Fiona is a body-mind-life coach, researcher, and permaculturist. Her work is informed by movement meditations, authentic movement, butoh, hakomi, expressive arts and ecosomatics. With an eclectic background, an MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing and a transdisciplinary PhD in embodiment and somatechnics; Fiona is presently researching: somatics and changed embodiment in breast cancer recovery; witnessing; and feralling.

Workshop 2: Dominique Rivoal (Saturday Afternoon)

Title : Transition from the superfluous to the essential

Description: This workshop is adapted from an Enlightenment Intensive invented by Charles Berner, the father of Mind Clearing.

It is a moving and talking exploration of the self in a dyad form. The same instruction is repeated again and again, to enable the participants to deepen their contemplation on self, and get themselves across to their partners, from their felt sense of who they are; discovering insights along the way.

In her life long learning, Dominique has trained in Dance, Shiatsu and lately Mind clearing. She is currently engaged in a Phd looking at how can Mind Clearing which is designed to improve communication, be used to promote creativity within the Dance field.

Workshop 3: Jamus Wood and Lee Bolton (Sunday Morning)

Title: Transitions and A Question of Support

Description: Here we will turn the focus onto support in transitions, moments where uncertainty, doubt and the potential to loose ourselves can creep in through our differing relationships to change.

Through experiential anatomy, movement and enquiry we will open the question of how we can support ourselves and stay close in moments of transition.

We will offer tastes of feeling supported from different perspectives and encourage a quality of witness to the moments we don’t.

Lee Bolton – Dance for me is a metaphor for life.  How can I really meet myself? How can I truly be here in this moment to experience life and meet you?  This is what fascinates me. Movement offers the opportunity to ask these questions, with the potential to experience depth and understanding. I offer a space for this exploration.

Jamus Wood – I love to move, to inspire creativity through dance and connection. I guide classes in Movement, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Yoga and perform professionally with the Touch Down Dance Company.

Workshop 4: Evelyn Aston & Blanche Mulholland (Sunday Afternoon)

Title: Undoing and Re-Imagining the Body in Movement

Description: Emptying and releasing ourselves of habitual tensions and movement patterns we are able to come closer to a sense of the living body as a creative unfolding. In this workshop we will use somatic improvisations and attentive touch to explore pathways opened by breath and imagery. A supportive space to re-imagine, reawaken and restore our moving body in space and relationship.

Evelyn is a registered Somatic Movement Educator based in Bristol. She works with socially isolated groups and individuals and is developing a program for women refugees and undertaking research in this field. Influenced by the Tamalpa Life/Art Pedagogy, she has a long standing practice in the discipline of Authentic Movement and Somatic Improvisation.

Blanche is a registered Somatic Movement Educator based in Scotland. She works in a Therapeutic Community for people experiencing mental health difficulties. Blanche is passionate about depth psychology and the role of imagination in health. She is a teacher trainer with Still Flowing Yoga and Mindfulness. She is studying Somatic Experiencing and dances butoh.