Spirit, body, feelings, community

This discussion explores the potential connectors to help us unify more within ourselves and in our practice in the world. Please do share your experiences of what helps you toward more wholistic connection to being and practicing in a culture that tends to fragment us…(that’s my opinion-Mari)

Belonging Bee-longing / Diss-connected.
Some of us have identities / offerings that are valued by society whilst others are invisible.
How can human self-protection mechanisms become more oriented around the needs of the organism rather than the fear of what might happen / patterns of protection.

Fredrick Alexander: concept of inhibition – engage in a process of noticing what I inhibit in myself and then use this awareness to replace the inhibition process with a new behaviour.

Bodywork – Earth awareness – how to use awareness to adopt more healing lifestyles.

Native American elders: spirit is in the sun. Individuals connect with abundance and non-judgment of the sun. Four directions: North=Earth; East=air; South=fire; West=water.

Biblical story of Jesus in the desert – story for understanding the disconnection from our light. Feedback loops in our bodies, communities and environments