Past Gatherings

Lancaster 2010
Stroud 2012
London 2014

London 2017

The first Somatic Movement Gathering was held in Lancaster on 29-30 October 2010, with people attending from all corners of the UK and from many different strands of Somatic Movement Education.

Living connections
Planetary Dance. Photo by Colleen Bartley.

SMG Team 2010:

Organisers were Mari Winkelman and Jane Okondo, with artistic creators Christine Bennett and Tamsin Whitfield. Anne Marie Nissen volunteered as our co-signatory and Glen Mannion generously assisted us during the event. We were supported by many other local and participant folks in numerous ways.

Guest Presenters: Mary Abrams, Katy Dymoke, Linda Hartley, Audicia Lynne Morley, Jane Okondo, Laura Steckler and Miranda Tufnell.

hands outside.001

Impressions from participants:

“I still feel a great support and inner warmth as I think of the gathering, and look forward to more.”

“Thank you for such an inspiring 2 days, I still feel overwhelmed by the experience, inspiring practice and open generosity of sharing good practice & thoughts!”

“I am left feeling full and ever since have been allowing the content of those magical few days wash over me.”

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2010 Gathering Logo

The second Somatic Movement Gathering was held in Stroud on 27-29 April 2012

Dialogue circle at Gathering

SMG Team 2012:

Organisers were Mari Winkelman and Jane Okondo, with artistic creator Dawn Morgan and her team Helene and Amelia. Nikki Simpson and her colleagues, gifted a creative performance to the Gathering.

The theme for the 2012 Gathering was Emergence.

Inspired by Spring, warmth and returning, shoots poking up from the earth as new life unfolds.

Workshop at the Gathering.

The Opening ceremony was facilitated by Linda Hartley and the Closing Planetary Dance was facilitated Audicia Lynne Morley.

Guest Presenters: Penny Collinson, Rainer Knupp, Dawn Morgan, Helen Poynor, Lian Wilson.

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2012 Gathering Logo

The third Somatic Movement Gathering was held in London 7-9 November 2014

SMG Team 2014:

The organisers were Mari Winkelman and Jane Okondo. The assisting team at the event were Paul Beaumont, Susanna Recchia and Mudimo Okondo. The Opening Ceremony was facilitated by Penny Collinson and Amy Voris and the Closing Ceremony was facilitated Dawn Morgan. The theme was Growing Edges.

To read about the event:

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2014 Gathering page

2014 Gathering Logo

The 4th Somatic Movement Gathering happened in London, March 2017.