This list of website links is a resource for you to find out about the different forms of  Somatic Movement Practice and Education available in the UK.

Somatic Movement Gathering UK is an associate member of the International Somatic Movement and Education Association:


Founders of the Gatherings and Somatic Movement Practitioners:

Mari Winkleman:

Jane Okondo:


Paul Beaumont:  and Susanna Recchia


Presenters at the 2017 Gathering

Lian Wilson:

Audicia Lynne Morley:

Ros Holgate Smith

Korina Biggs |

Misty Hannah

Elaine Westwick

Elisa Cotroneo

Mary Abrams

Presenters at 2014 Somatic Movement Gathering in London:

Paul Beaumont:

Penny Collinson:

Dawn Morgan:

Annette Schwalbe:

Amy Voris:

Lian Wilson:

Presenters at past Somatic Movement Gatherings:

Mary Abrams (USA):

Katy Dymoke:

Linda Hartley:

Rainer Knupp:

Audicia Lynne Morley:

Helen Poynor:

Laura Steckler:

Miranda Tufnell: