Comments from Previous Gatherings

Feedback from 2017

Learned so much about somatic fields, organisations, practitioners and the continued potential. Brought people together, made connections and inspired new questions.

whether you’re an explorer or an experienced somatic practitioner, there’ll be something here to meet and inspire your body-mind and spirit.

No hierarchy and an embodied space. Both were palpable. I felt amongst friends and fellow body travellers.

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Feedback from 2014

“Such an opportunity to offer a session on practice as research to an experienced group of practitioners from a wide variety of somatic approaches. A wealth of exchange and sharing as we moved through the weekend and as each of us stepped up to the challenge of offering sessions from the edge of our particular ‘known’ in the direction of the as yet ‘unknown’. There was a freshness and a vitality in our encounters as we all worked together to expand our practices, to appreciate shared ground and to celebrate our differences.

The structure, organisation and holding provided by Mari and Jane and their support team was impeccable with their lightness of touch and generosity of spirit.

If you just missed the 2014 Somatic Gathering, I strongly recommend making sure that you receive the dates for the next one and enjoy a weekend of stimulating growth and fun with colleagues.” Sandra R

SMG Saturday
During a workshop

“Thank you so much!  I really had a fantastic time and treasure all the new connections with people, ways of being in body, ideas and visions for future work.  Developing and presenting my first collective body mapping event at the gathering was a big creative boost for me.  The spirit of curiosity and support with which it was received by all present was such a gift, and I continue to harvest new ideas and insights from the experience and all the feedback gained.  I can’t imagine a warmer, safer and more inspiring place to try out new work and show yourself at the edge of your practice!”  Annette S

During the Body Mapping workshop

“I am left with a huge sense of gratitude. I am left feeling soft and smooth and easy in my body. And grounded, and peaceful, and rested and tired. Such a mix. The AMAZING serendipitous flow and connection between all the workshops. I saw and felt the connection between all the material. All diverse and unique. All connected. I feel hugely priviledged to have been part of it. Such an honour, and gift to be able to take my place, to be invited and welcomed. I have energy and commitment for such an event. I received so much from each workshop, each hour of the event, there was a quote, an inspirational moment, a theme offered that I so valued and was so relevant to my practice.” Paul B

During a workshop

“Thank you so much for the weekend gathering. It was such fun and so valuable, with such a sense of trust generated by the group and the facilitation, certainly I came away with riches. Thank you.”  Angela H

SMG Sunday
During a workshop

“I just wanted to write and thank you for offering the space for the Somatic Gathering on the weekend.  It was a really warm and generous space and I was so grateful for the time to reflect, think and deepen practice.”  Lucinda J

Penny Collinson in a warm up

“I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere  – there was some sort of magic right from the time we entered the room, one of permission, acceptance and possibility. And of course the great mix of people with so many interesting backgrounds.” Elaine W

Dialogue circles.

“After somatic movement gathering weekend i feel connected to my body more then ever, even its a week after me and my body talk to each other… and i would like to keep it this way. I am just  starting to explore my inner body  wisdom. I have enjoy myself very very much, moving freely, connecting safely, feeling supported and loved, by you, teachers and participants.  Inspirations from it all was great gift to take home. Thank you!!!” Monika D

During a workshop

“It has been one of my favorite gatherings so far. Having one single space was really nice for me – it was easier to get to know everyone and I felt a small community was created during the 3 days together. Also the view of the sky and being above London gave me a sense of potential for imagination/imagining.” Susanna R

During a workshop

“I have such a warm feeling of gratitude for this great event.” Vanio P

During a workshop

“Wanted to say thank you for a great 2 days. It was a welcome (brief) retreat for me, and great to learn from others in the movement/somatic field.” Sareena W

During a workshop

“Thank you for all that you do to reach out to us as a community and, more importantly, to bring us together and grow the community.” Penny C

During a Tamalpa UK workshop

“Thank you so much for all your marvellous efforts in service of the Somatic Movement Gathering.  It was a very stimulating and special event!”  Amy V


Feedback from 2010

“I still feel a great support and inner warmth as I think of the gathering, and look forward to more.”

“Thank you for such an inspiring 2 days, I still feel overwhelmed by the experience, inspiring practice and open generosity of sharing good practice & thoughts!”

“I am left feeling full and ever since have been allowing the content of those magical few days wash over me.”