Dialogue Circles

Photos: Christian Kipp



Dialogue circles are a space in which a delegate brings a question from their own practice to a small group of others interested in the theme. They provide the opportunity to talk, move and explore together in a collaborative mini-lab experience – engaging body & mind to further our practice.

If you have an idea for something you’d like to bring to such a small group, get in touch now.



Dark Dancing Me
Paul Beaumont

A sample of the Circles offered in 2014…

Paul Beaumont lead a circle for the men at the gathering. A chance  to get together and share experiences, hopes and ideas. The opportunity to gain support and develop links to build men’s participation in somatic approaches to movement and the body. 


Angela Hayes

Angela Hayes lead a circle including an inquiry, ‘Is there space within the edge?’ Differentiation of the one out of the all is a process of creating ‘edges’. How do we  constantly renew ourselves out of the original matrix and find our rhythms that are the shape of our emergence? This inquiry goes to the heart of the question, ‘Are we simply expressions of the universal ground?’ Can we get inside the impulse to move? Can we notice the landscape? Is there even space before movement? Is there time in hesitation?



Sharing Circle at 2012 Gathering

Jane Okondo offered an open sharing circle. A meeting together with other practitioners to share about your current interests in your somatic practice. Bring your own somatic movement experiences, questions and discoveries and join this inquiry…


Mari facilitating session

Mari Winkelman workshopped a circle on on how to offer somatic movement group sessions in short but no less powerful drop-in sessions. Mari has been experimenting with drop-in somatic movement classes since 2010. She would like to explore the conscious and unconscious needs which are brought to a drop-in somatic movement class – the cultural and individual ones. She also enquires into the choice of words used to communicate what somatic movement is or could be. Mari is evolving her approach to offering the work, wanting to stay true to her sense of the potency of somatic connection whilst meeting newcomers to the work with supportive and recognisable ways in. Please come taste Mari’s approach, share your experiences and critiques in this partially experiential discussion forum.