The Somatic Movement Gatherings are an opportunity for Somatic Movement practitioners in the UK to meet.  The events welcome new and established practitioners and teachers.





The Somatic Movement Gathering is an Associate Organisation of ISMETA


The gatherings provide the opportunity to:

  • Experience existing practice through workshops, sharings and dialogue circles (read more here)
  • Share developing practice and emerging ideas.
  • Make links locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Philosophy

  • We foster an open inquiry that supports our ‘work in progress’ and research.
  • We welcome interaction between, and nourishment for, established and emergent UK practitioners.
  • We have the opportunity to experience, have dialogues and co-create within the field of Somatic Movement Practices.
  • We invite inclusive dialogues where we celebrate the rich diversity that the field offers.
  • We hope to create together an enlivening and celebratory atmosphere where you can find your local peers and networks for ongoing support and inspiration, as well as share and generate ideas for development of your work.
  • We set out to establish a UK hub and community to connect and ground dialogue with International community and ISMETA.
  • The organisation is non-profit, so all extra money after costs goes in to future Somatic Movement Gatherings in the UK.


The idea for Somatic Movement Gatherings was conceived in a conversation between Mari Winkleman and Jane Okondo, in Mari’s kitchen in Lancaster early in 2009. Mari had sensed that whilst there was emerging and established Somatic Movement Practitioners in the UK there seemed to be a missing opportunity for the wider field of Somatic Movement practitioners to come to together, learn about each others work, share ideas and be resourced. Mari’s vision was of a festival or gathering for this purpose. Jane was inspired and offered encouragement, creative and practical input that lead to the first Somatic Movement Gathering in Lancaster in 2010. Further gatherings have happened in Stroud 2012 and in London in 2014 and 2017.

In 2016 Jane & Mari were joined by Paul Beaumont and Susanna Recchia as organisers.