2018 Gathering

7th, 8th and 9th of September 2018.

Friday 2pm – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 9.30am – 6pm

at Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St. George’s Road
Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6ER

The Somatic Movement Gathering is an Associate Organisation of ISMETA. We are proud to be a part of The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association’s 30th Anniversary. This event is made possible in part by the generous support of ISMETA.

2018 Theme: In Transition

Our aim in setting a theme is to be inclusive and accessible to a wide range of practices. We hope that the theme offers both a starting point for workshop proposals and a shared context for the gathering.

  • How do we move from self to other?
  • From internal to external
  • How we transition from Movement to Touch
  • … from non-verbal to verbal
  • Movement to stillness
  • Foreground to background
  • Being present in transition and change.

Details of this years workshops here.


14.00 Registration. Participants can set up their Poster Displays, move and meet others.
15.00 Welcome
15.30 Opening Ceremony – The SMG Team
18.00 End
09.30 Arrival. Space Available for movement.
10.00 Gathering Together
10.30 Workshop 1: Passing Intention – Within, Between and Beyond Ourselves – Fiona K. O’Neill
12.00 Networking/Posters/Proposing Circle Discussion
12.45 Lunch
14.15 Gathering Together
14.30 Workshop 2: Transition from the Superfluous to the Essential – Dominique Rivoal
16.00 Break
16.30 Dialogue Circles Discussion
17.45 Gathering Together
18.00 End
09.30 Arrival. Space Available for movement.
10.00 Gathering Together
10.30 Workshop 3: Transitions and A Question of Support – Lee Bolton & Jamus Wood
12.00 Open Networking & Lunch
13.45 Gathering Together
14.00 Workshop 4: Undoing and Re-Imagining the Body in Movement – Evelyn Aston & Blanche Mulholland
15.30 Break
16.00 Closing Ceremony – The SMG Team
18.00 End

SMG Photographer

We plan to have a photographer with us again this year for part of the event. You can let the photographer know on the day if you would prefer to be not included.

SMG Photographs Policy: Our photos will be made available to those attending the gathering via a Flickr Album. Any that participants use must include:

  1. An acknowledgement of SMG and Christian Kipp,
  2. a link to the SMG Website (www.somatic-movement.org)