2017 London

The Butterfly Effect of Somatic Movement – Local & Global

In 2017  we invited enquiry into the following themes in our work:

  • The inner & the outer
  • The personal and the interpersonal
  • The individual and the community
  • How self-care as a practitioner affects the wider field
  • How the virtual world (digital media, social media, skype communications) affect our somatic experience.
  • How we bring our personal practice out into the world, in response to the global challenges of our time – health, population migration
  • How small actions affect the big picture

The gathering aimed to support our exploration of these areas through sharing our different perspectives and experience, and offering questions rather than needing answers, through exchange and co-creation.

The 2017 Gathering was kindly supported by ISMETA.

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Our Opening Ceremony was faciliated by Lian Wilson: www.tamalpa-uk.org and Audicia Lynne Morley: www.statetheta.com

Workshop 1: Elaine Westwick – “Rhythm and entrainment interpersonal, societal and planetary”

In this experiential session we will explore shared rhythm in all its forms. Movement practises will be derived from somatically inspired Qigong, with its traditions of imagery, awareness of energetic rhythms and rootedness in the cycles of nature. Through movement and reflection we will find embodied connections with some simple but profound theoretical concepts. We will explore the idea of entrainment – how we are pulled and moulded by the rhythms of others, society and the planet. And we will discuss how we might work with both the beneficial and destructive effects of these influences.


Elaine has taught community Pilates classes for over a decade. She is a qualified Qigong teacher and is inspired by Authentic Movement. She has created participatory events to explore tensions between science-based and body-based ways of knowing at the Oxfordshire Science Festival, the Cambridge Science Festival and the Wellcome Collection. She has a PhD in biochemistry.




Workshop 2: Misty Hannah – “Compassionate Accompaniment: Sensing Transitions”

This workshop connects with the theme of how self care as a practitioner affects the wider field and weaves an inquiry into ways personal practice connects with the world. Through attending to breath, inner listening, and touch we explore perspectives on transitions and ways our internal experience meets with the external. Playing with cultivating sensitivity to the subtle and unseen and how this supports our interconnectedness with the world.



Misty is a somatic movement practitioner and registered Qi Gong and Taiji teacher. Her work supports practices of self care and resiliency for therapists, carers and refugees. She works with Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre as a Qi Gong/Taiji practitioner and volunteers with the British Red Cross as a Refugee Support Caseworker. Misty holds an MA in Dance and Somatic Well Being and is a member of ISMETA.




 Workshop 3: Korina Biggs MA, MSTAT – “Soma in the City” 

This workshop addresses how we can possibly change our habitual psychophysical responses to being outdoors in an urban environment. It stems from an interest in how using digital technology can possibly create more, rather than less, connection between self and environment. It links into the themes of the inner & the outer and how the virtual world affects our somatic experience.


Korina has been an Alexander Technique teacher for 15 years, working with individuals and groups and is part of the faculty at RADA.  She has an MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing and works as a somatic movement facilitator.  She is a member of ‘Dancers in Landscape’ and‘ The Knowing Body Network’.

www.thespaciousself.co.uk | www.korinabiggs.co.uk


Workshop 4: Ros Holgate Smith –Supported Solos

This workshop offers a physical exploration responding to the themes of inner and outer. We will work with touch and witnessing, coming in and out of contact to support the development of solo dances. As we move and respond to the impressions of touch we will explore how our dances may permeate out into a fluctuating and relational environment of movement outside of ourselves. The content of this workshop draws from my current Dance Masters research concerning how we learn through touch.

Photo Credit: Patrick Beelaert


Rosalind is a Dance Artist, Somatic Movement Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. Her practice is informed by her ongoing research and engagement with Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement and Processwork. She is also a swimmer and teacher of the Shaw method, combining the Alexander Technique.



The Future of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy: Transforming ourselves and the world through Conscious Movement
Facilitated by Elisa Cotroneo, RSME/T, Executive Director


Join your colleagues and imagine the future of our growing professional field. This interactive conversation will focus on the topics and issues most relevant to the community. Together we will identify challenges and envision solutions that support us both individually and collectively.

We will enter into collaborative dialogue and identify ways to strengthen the fabric of the profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. Come prepared to express your needs and your vision for a world transformed through the benefits of conscious movement.

Potential topics may include:

  • Expanding recognition of the Profession
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Certification of Practitioners
  • Scope of Practice
  • Insurance, both liability and reimbursement for services
  • Accreditation of Schools
  • Standards and Competencies
  • Governmental Recognition

Where would you like to see yourself, and the profession in 5 years?

What Challenges do you face as a professional?

What support do you need?

How might ISMETA support you or the growing profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy?

Our Closing Ceremony was facilitated by Mary Abrams www.movingbodyresources.com