What did you value about the Somatic Movement Gathering?

coming together, moving, feeling, conversation, new people

No hierarchy and an embodied space. Both were palpable. I felt amongst friends and fellow body travellers.

holding of the space, regular invitations for self-care, meticulous attention to detail re practical things, checking in before, during and after etc

Bringing people together from various backgrounds. This helped to offer many perspectives, insights, and questions.

Being in the Field with others. Exploring movement in a large group, new ideas.

an opportunity to connect, move, learn

the people, the variety, the experimentation

The chance to be in an intermingled field with so much diversity and experience of somatic practice

So much…..meeting with people, sharing our work, being part of community

Excellent time keeping, interesting mix of people, well held space by “the team”, relaxed atmosphere throughout, really appreciated having ISMETA USA members present for discussion, etc…

How would you describe the event to someone who wasn’t there?



a deeply enriching experience

a gathering of embodied creative moving learners

A gathering of people interested in working creatively and imaginatively with the senses and moving body.

harvesting, threading, interweaving of bodies, creativity, histories, experiences, beingness!

Learned so much about somatic fields, organisations, practitioners and the continued potential. Brought people together, made connections and inspired new questions.

whether you’re an explorer or an experienced somatic practitioner, there’ll be something here to meet and inspire your body-mind and spirit.

An opportunity to meet like minded people and experience different ways to meet myself and play.

A mix of sharing, learning, networking and practicing

An introduction to and networking event for, the world of somatic movement.

A networking event for Somatic practitioners and therapists.


Oh no, you missed the event of the year! A weekend of nourishment and inspiration.

A great opportunity to connect with people interested in and developing the role of Somatic Movement in the UK and beyond